Learn how to prepare a perfect skin for makeup

Learn some tips for you to make the perfect preparation of your skin at the time of makeup!
Without a doubt your skin well done is the secret to the way a perfect makeup. It`s no good your eyes are splendid if the skin is not well prepared, as if a skin is well prepared, other details such as eyes and mouths only to complement a perfect makeup .....
Some people think that make the skin a makeup application is only in the dust, of course if you do not have any imperfections do not need a thorough preparation, with lime, layers of foundation and powder. But using a base of extra light natural finish is always welcome in the preparations.

You know how to prepare your skin the right way? Today I will show you step by step to have a perfect skin with makeup, pay close attention to the step by step and make yourself.

For your skin look beautiful, hydrated to get the makeup you should pay close attention to three fundamental steps: Wash, Tone and Moisturize. You should wash your face with a soap suitable for your skin, wash properly use a circular motion from the inside out, preferably after rinsing with cold water ice to help reduce pores. The next step is toning, also use a toner appropriate for your skin, tonics may be anti-acne, anti aging, you choose what`s best for your skin, apply with a cotton wool pad, apply the skin always from the bottom up and the inside out. Finally you should moisturize the skin, do not forget that even oily skin should be moisturized. If you prefer to have oily skin moisturizing gel and not clogging pores. If you make the skin to leave during the day, be sure to use sunscreen after using the moisturizer. An interesting tip in the use of the shield is "pulling" the sunscreen to the neck area.

After the three key steps to wash, tone and moisturize your skin, you will begin to prepare it. Some women prefer to make the skin after the eyes, so you must do these three steps to prepare before your eyes, your eyes once you go to the skin.

Step 1: If you want your makeup last longer invest in products such as primes, matificantes fluids and length make. Always apply a small quantity of spreading it inside out and from below the skin.

Step 2: Now your skin is ready to receive the base, you should choose a foundation that will suit you best. Can be liquid, creamy, Finished high, light and so on. To this day prefer the lighter base for the night finishing the heaviest. The compact base and cream can be applied with a sponge or brush for latex and makeup base, always apply from the inside out and gradually, do not overdo it. For a net basis you should put dots on every bit of the face and spreading to go with your finger or a makeup brush, always inside out and from bottom to top, do not forget to pull the base to the neck. The base powder should be applied with a brush and dense and fluffy, just pick the product with the brush and apply the skin in circular motions around the face.

Step 3: After the base is the time of correction. The correction serves to hide the imperfections that the base could not hide. In small areas apply with the help of a concealer brush to spread and give light tapping with the finger. Avoid over-correction, especially in the areas of dark circles, it accumulates a lot of product.

Step 4: Finally you must apply powder all over his face. I like to apply with a sponge, it gets very product. Now with the brush you will have a smoother implementation. For application by brush, pick up the powder with the brush and across the face, movements from the inside out. If you use the sponge to be careful not to sin in the amount, if you think you applied too use a brush to remove excess powder.

After this step your skin is ready. To complement the skin you can use the blush on top of the apples lightly to give a coradinha, select a brush suitable for this, and an illuminator that can be applied to the temples and nose bridge, if you apply a cream illuminator with fingers, if powder, choose a brush for the application range.

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