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The face is the part of our body that is most exposed. With that he can catch dirt and bacteria that leave with a poor appearance, acne and spots may appear for lack of care deeper.


In search of a good face care, women end up resorting to facials. "All skins are subjected to daily beatings constants that end up providing the loss of its natural and clogging the pores. Therefore cleaning helps in the removal of dead cells and blackheads, pimples on prevention and control oiliness, besides improving nutrition and oxygenation of the skin, "explains Elizabeth Monteiro, the Homa Elite Salon.

The facial is recommended for persons over 14 years and everyone can do, since pregnant women, who usually have cases of acne during pregnancy, even men, which correspond to an audience that every day is more interested in taking care of appearance.

According to the beautician, skin cleansing is indicated when the skin starts to miliuns (minor injuries), oiliness, blackheads and pimples. "Usually, the procedure is monthly, but it is important to note that the professional will do an assessment to find out what times required for each one."

Be very careful when doing facials at home. The beautician Elizabeth, not particularly recommended. "People do not have the necessary material, can make the extraction incorrectly and cause inflammation. Moreover, people are unaware of the practice and may confuse moles with carnations and try move them, causing an injury."

Skin types vary between dry, normal, oily and sensitive mixed. And each of them calls for a specific form of cleaning, particularly sensitive skin, because the extraction method may be varied so there is no damage of any kind to the skin.

To keep your skin well hydrated and always with a good appeared not enough to make a good facial. It is necessary to avoid some procedures like not exfoliate the skin and do not use acids in the week is to clean skin. And after cleaning, do not use makeup on as foundation and powder, lipstick and mascara only. All this is necessary to leave the skin pores rest and breathe better.

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