Learn about the benefits of massage drain-shaping

Massage shaper-drain junction is shaping massage and lymphatic drainage is a procedure that involves the two techniques combined.

The physiotherapist Dermato Functional Vanessa Cristina Innocente is shows us the benefits of the technique.
It aims at preventing, treating and conserving the beauty of the skin. Operates mainly on localized fat, cellulite and circulatory system of the whole organism. While modeling acts in localized fat reduction, drainage works to increase circulation and decrease swelling in the body, aiding the lymphatic system.

A tip from Dr. Vanessa to know if you are retaining fluid is to press the skin with your thumb for 5 seconds to remove this pressure if the blood take back (blushing region) means that it is swollen (retaining liquid). May happen to be holding more in one region than in another.

If performed correctly massage drain-shaping, in the first session it is possible to note that the body is more shaped and slightly decreases measures, but if it does not correctly do not get a result. The lymphatic drainage of the maneuver must be repeated about 10 to 15 veses in each region.

According to Vanessa appropriate frequency is at least 2x a week, because a number of factors the body tends to retain fluid again (hormonal, poor circulation, lack of physical activity, long sitting, standing too long, etc..) therefore to have resulted and maintenance, it is necessary to do the procedure again.

For success to be guaranteed also need some others, such as:

- Avoid foods that contain too much salt

- Avoid consumption of soft drinks, even zero, diet, light

- Avoid staying long sitting (for those working in office) and long standing, in both cases affects the body`s circulation and in this case helps to retain fluids

- Browse doing any physical activity which stimulates the body`s circulation, as a simple walk for example.

The drain-shaping massage is contraindicated for some situations: inflammation in the veins, dermatitis, inflammation, and other. So consult a specialist and see if you can perform this technique according to your profile.

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