Learn a little bit of French lt3

Today I`m doing a tip on some basic French which is easy to learn and use in every day conversations. I love knowing many short words or sentences in a variety of languages to use every now and then. You could suprise yourself with how fun it is to pop in with a reply in a foreign language. I am now pretty fluent in French (and it being my obsession) so hopefuully I can help. xo

Hello- Bonjour (bonjeour)
Goodbye- Au revoir (aw revwa)
How are you/ I`m well - Ca va (sa va)
Let`s go! - Allons-y! ( allonsi)
Happy birthday! - Bon anniversaire! (how it looks)
Welcome - Bienvenue (bee-en- venue)
I don`t know - Je ne sais pas (dje ne say pass)
My name is - Je m`appelle
I love you- Je t`aime (dje tame)
Oh no! - Oh la la
That`s it!/ Here it is! - Voila!

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