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Based in San Francisco, the company Leap Motion has developed a new technology controls by gestures that promises to make Kinect Move and outdated equipment. According to the company, the news is 200 times more accurate than any system available today, expected to cost only $ 70 for end consumers. The invention of the company consists of a USB device that uses sophisticated software to provide a precision of one hundredth of a millimeter. According to CNET, the system allows the realization of gestures commonly used in smartphones, how to make a pinch with fingers to enlarge or shrink an image. The expectation is that the new product from Leap Motion is already available for sale in early 2013. A video released by the company shows that the technology is able to accurately detect the position of the fingertips of a person, identifying also inanimate objects that are in the environment and the whole body of users. "We want to make an application to change the world in fundamental ways and transform the way people interact with your operating system or surf the Internet," he told CNET the company`s CEO, Michael Buckwald. "Our goal is to transform the way people interact with the computer the same way that got the mouse, which means that the change will affect everyone," he adds.

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