LeAnn Rimes Is Too Skinny!

5 years ago

LeAnn Rimes is one of my favorite country singer of all time. Rumors are going around that LeAnn is too skinny. Skinnier than ever. Scary much?

Last year LeAnn married actor Eddie Cibrian. They both had an affair while being married to each other. Smh. Before getting married LeAnn Rimes went on a diet to slim down before her big day. People notice that she losts a lot of weight during the time being. 

Her rep denies the whole chaos, but the outsiders are saying she thinner then ever and still losing weight! Rumors are said that she`s losing weight, dieting, working out because she`s marrying Eddie Cibrian. She wants to look her best is because Eddie Cibrian likes skinny girls. She wants to lose whatever it takes to be with him. Seriously? 

First of all, trying to lose weight before your wedding day is normal. But trying to lose weight to keep your so called partner around is so wrong. Your partner should love you for you! He shouldn`t judge you because he`s the one is making the decision spend the rest of his life with you. I think she looks amazing the way she is. 

1. Would you ever lose weight to be someone?
2. Do you think she looks too skinny?

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