LeAnn Rimes and mint look

Hello guys !

So this time i would love to make a post about LeAnn Rimes. But please don`t tell anyone that i have nooo idea who she is ;DD Aahaha yeah, it`s another time when i saw nice outfit, look at the person and i think think and i still have no idea. Ok but like always, wikipedia really helped me. She is American country singer and pop. And that`s why i probably don`t know her. I like pop but country ? Uhhh. It remind me Taylor Swift and all that stuff. Sorry , that`s not for me. But i like her outfit from the picture.
And the thing i like the most issssss of course her Balenciaga. This model is called Part Time and it`s in MINT color ! Aaaaaaaa i love love love mint. I have tracksuit in that color and it`s so so sweet when you mix it with white color. I saw Balenciaga in black, blue, yellow and all that famous colors but i have NEVER seen it in mint *.* I know that it costs that much that i can`t afford but i could dream about it.
And she also was wearing horse and rainbow jagged edge top from Wildfox. Hmm i usually love Wildfox clothes but this top looks like from secondhand or something ? And also camilla cut off shorts in desert rose color from Siwy and brown sandals.
This photo was taken when she was leaving Taverna Tony`s Greek restaurant after shopping in Malibu Country Mart.
For me she looks reeeeally good ^^

What do you think ?

*picture is not my*

Source link: http://www.celebritystyleguide.com/i-1-1-12834/celebrities/leann-rimes/wildfox-horse-and-rainbow-jagged-edge-t

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