Lead In Our Lipstick?! That goes on our face, right?!

3 years ago

So lately I have been going through a vegetarian borderline vegan type of lifestyle and I was also learning many of our favorite makeup brands do indeed test on animals. That is why I currently buy cruelty-free products but I am also starting to lift the veil and dig deeper. The FDA has proof that a lot of lipsticks are exposed to lead and other harsh chemicals that our indeed very bad for our bodies. Luckily there are many make up brands that now offer beautiful shades in toxic-free lipsticks and glosses. However if you college fashionista on a dime there is another way to paint those lips perfect.

While using a few household items and a 64 count box of crayola crayons you can create your own shades that better compliment your skin basically for pennies. All you need is a box of crayola crayons (preferably 64 count to leave you room to play), jojoba oil or coconut oil, castor oil (for shine), edible essential oil (optional), an empty lip gloss pot or lipstick container, a wooden stick like toothpick or orange stick, a metal container and a small pot of about an inch or two of water.

Put the water to a boil and place the metal container in the middle. Be careful! Take a tablespoon of jojoba oil, a tablespoon of castor oil and drop a crayon of your choice in the mixture. You can also use a half of 2 crayons to make your own signature shade or mix 3 crayons as all parts together is equal to one whole crayon. This is why I recommend the 64 count or higher because there are metallic crayons etc, play around have fun... While the mixture is hot add your essential oil for scent if you desire. Make sure it is food grade essential oil or it can be hazardous if it is synthetic.

Make sure you are stirring it with a toothpick or a wooden orange stick the entire time so everything mixes equally. While it is still hot pour the mixture into an empty lip gloss or lip stick container and place in fridge to harden for 45 minutes. When you try it out it is very smooth you can also play around with different ingredients. There are more videos on you tube, one I love I am providing the link, and also I am providing the link of the list provided by the FDA of lipstick containing lead. I hope all you ladies take into consideration what you are putting on your body and I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do ;)

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Source link: http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/ProductandIngredientSafety/ProductInformation/ucm137224.htm#expanalyses

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