Lea Michele `Louder` CD Review

3 years ago

I`ve been anticipating this CD since Lea Michele announced two years ago that she had began working on a solo album. Her voice can transcend any genre so I was really excited to hear what type of music she would put out.
The first song on the album, `Cannonball`, really shows off Lea`s incredible range and proves she has what it takes to make it in the pop world. This powerful, upbeat song is the lead single off the album and although is written by Sia, Lea said she identifies with the lyrics and truly believes the song was somehow made for her.
The next song, `On My Way` starts off slow then picks up the pace and turns into a pure pop anthem with a killer chorus. There is also a small breakdown at the end of the chorus which I can only admire.
`Burn With You` is one of my absolute favorite songs on the album. It`s a smart, genius song with lyrics that have a hidden, deeper meaning and can relate to almost anyone. In this song, Lea`s voice is powerful and phenomenal. There is a raw aspect to it during the chorus that will give you chills.
`Battlefield` is a slow, heartbreaking ballad that will make you stop whatever it is that you are doing to listen to this beautifully written and sung masterpiece.
The fifth song on the album is `You`re Mine`. Lea has stated in previous interviews that this is her song to her departed love, Cory Monteith. This is such a cool, sweet love song that has such a different sound to it you can`t help but love it.
Next up is `Thousand Needles`. This is one of the many songs on the album that shows off Lea`s voice, especially during the chorus. The lyrics are smart and meaningful.
The title track off the album, `Louder`, is a pop staple with a powerful message behind it. Instead of being an obnoxious form of loud, Lea encourages you to use your voice and express yourself.
`Cue the Rain` is undoubtedly the best song on the album. It is well-written and of course, the vocals are spot-on. This is one of the few songs on the album I could see having some major radio potential. With its catchy chorus and strong verses, this song will be in your head all day, all night. The music and beat are also really powerful, too. This is also one of the two songs Lea co-wrote for the album.
`Don`t Let Go` is another good pop song off the album. It has a catchy chorus and really great verses with Lea`s vocals being majorly show-cased.
The next song is `Empty Handed`. It`s a beautiful song but doesn`t quite show-off Lea`s vocals like other songs on the album do. The background vocals on the second verse really make this song special.
`If You Say So` is the final song on the album but certainly the most memorable. Co-written by Lea, the song was inspired by Cory Monteith. Everything about this song is so beautifully heartbreaking. It`s sure to bring a tear to your eye within the first few lines.

In conclusion, the album is really great and something special. Being a fan of hers, I knew she would put out something great but this really exceeded my expectations. She has some HUGE potential in the music world to become a radio staple.
Favorite Song: `Cue the Rain`
Least Favorite Song: `Don`t Let Go`
Overall Rating: FIVE STARS.

Thanks for reading! I`ll be sure to post more reviews, blogs, etc really soon!

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