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4 years ago

Bonjour mes amis!
So last night I was bored and couldn`t sleep, so I decided to attempt to make french macarons, since the weather was perfect for it. Why?, you might ask. I`ve done some research before I attempted to make them and it says that making macarons won`t be too successful if you make it on a hot humid day because it will deflate your macarons. Last night was thundering and had a cold chill so I decided to go ahead and make them.
Alright so now that you`ve all been tempted with the pictures, this experiment was a semi-fail job. 5 minutes into baking them in the oven, they started spilling onto their sides it didn`t rise straight up so that the feet would be perfectly at the bottom. Now my thoughts are that I`ve left them sitting out on the counter too long or that my oven isn`t high enough to cook it fast so that it won`t ooze or it might be that I didn`t whip the eggs long enough. The stiff peak that I got wasn`t at all stiff, maybe. Or maybe I should`ve let the eggs age for a day before I whipped them, some recipes say you have to so that the eggs whip better, some recipes say that you don`t have to that it`ll work just fine. I think that the aged eggs would`ve given me more volume in the egg whites. But who knows. I guess for next time I shall test those theories out until I get it right. According to bakers, they say that french macarons are the most inconsistent pastry to bake because it will turn out differently each time depending on the conditions that you bake them in.
Anywho, enough about the failed job, let`s talk about tastes! It tastes GREAT! There`s a hint of almond in there since I used almond flour. Oh, so I couldn`t find almond flour at regular stores, went to Whole Foods and they sold it for $13 for a little bag. So I made my own almond flour. A lot cheaper then buying that bag. I bought a bag of almond slivers for $3 and made a 1 1/2 cup of almond flour which is more then I needed. At least that part wasn`t a failed! Anyways I used mascarpone frosting for the filling, which went perfectly with the taste. Next time though, I would probably use less sugar because the mascarpone is sweet and so is the french macarons, together they are a little bit on the sweeter side but still good.

Well stay tune for the next attempt of french macarons, hopefully next time it will turn out to look better :)

Oh and these are my pictures of my little failed macarons, so if you take it please give credit. Thanks!

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