Lazy Sunday I Actually Got Dressed

Today my boyfriend and I visited a cafe just about a block away. It was good, but very small, so we sat outside. It was sunny outside for a while until the sun went down and I got very cold.
My hair is a big mess, so I just put it in a ponytail and slipped on a headband and declared my hair presentable enough to go outside. haha

The food was good. We had banana pancakes w/ fresh fruit, a turkey panini w/ sweet jelly, salad on the side w/ fresh strawberries. I love fruit in vegetable salads. I wish I had taken pictures of it. It wasn`t anything special, so I doubt I`ll go back, but if I`m feeling lazy to make food, maybe I`ll pick up an order to go.

This is what I wore today.

Top: Forever21

Belt: Forever21

Bottom: Zara
I love these pants from Zara. The zippers are my favorite part. That and the seams in the front and back. This time, I chose not to show the zipper detailing, because I wanted the flowiness of the top to show. Also, I don`t like to tuck in my long blouses unless I`m going to the office.
I know that it`s inappropriate to wear leggings without wearing a top or something that covers your crotch and bum. I agree with that entirely, but these `leggings` are so thick that I actually consider them to be pants and yes, I do wear them as regular pants usually. I don`t think they give me camel toe or too much exposure. Besides when I asked the sales associate if they were pants or leggings, her response was: "Well...they`re like...jeggings?" lol ... They`re also very comfortable.

Booties: a store in Australia, brand: Zushoes (?)

Headband: Forever21
This is old, but I think you could find many if you search up `Gold-leaf headband.` This one is not too painful, but I do admit that if I wear this all day long, it hurts my head, because it`s made of metal.

Faux leather jacket: Express

Scarf: Nordstrom Rack

I went through a bit of a lace-up ankle boot obsession a while ago. It finally ended. I think these are my favorite though. I got them back in September 2011, which was during a lot of Australia`s end-of-winter clearance sales, since their winter is our summer. So I scored these wonderfully comfortable shoes for about $30! I think they were originally over $100. To me, they`re very comfortable, probably because of the cleats on the bottom, and the thick, cone heel. I like to tie the laces into a bow in the back, because I`m not fond of lots of lace action in the front.

I wish my face didn`t look so blah, but all I had on today was mascara, which is still more than usual. haha.
As you can see, my natural eyebrows are almost...not there...

Jewelmint Puzzle Pieces Ring

This ring was the free gift with purchase that I received. It`s one of those things that I feel it is kind of take-it-or-leave-it. It is in a size 7 and it`s too big for me. In the picture it looks okay, but when I was walking around with it, it slides right off and that`s worrisome to me, since this ring consists of 2 pieces, so I just wear it on my thumb and that`s still pretty loose. I usually am a size 7, I think, because I have stubby fingers and fat knuckles for such a small hand and short fingers.

Nails are still painted w/ Revlon`s Minted and starting to chip.
Ring Finger: Nail`s Inc. Magnetic Polish - Whitehall Teal
Middle Finger: Sally Hansen`s Crackle - Snow

That`s all for now.

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