Lay`s quotSpicy Ketchupquot Potato Chips!

4 years ago

The moment I spotted these while grocery shopping was the moment these ended up in my shopping cart. One thing about me is -- I LOVE ketchup! I have loved ketchup since I was a kid and it`s something that`s come with me into adulthood. I eat it on a lot of things, even hot dogs, which a lot of people tend to "outgrow" as they get older. I`ve eaten ketchup on some weird things, but hey. I like ketchup chips by Herr`s so I figured I`d give these a try since they were a spicy ketchup variety. I tried them and I must say they are good! They taste like ketchup but you don`t get the spice right away. You get the spice after you start chewing and swallow your first bite and it burns a little at the back of your throat. The more you eat, the more the spice flavor comes to the forefront. It`s not a crazy, hot, my tongue is on fire spicy, but it`s a nice flavor. They have the classic vinegar taste to them that comes with ketchup but it`s not overwhelming. Overall, I do enjoy these. They`d be a nice alternative to french fries on the side of a sandwich.

Do you like ketchup flavored potato chips?
Would you pick these up and try them?

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