Lays Deli Style Potato Chips

4 years ago

I picked up this bag of Lays Deli Style Potato Chips at my local grocery store last week. I spotted them on the shelf and they immediately found their way into my cart. I love potato chips, the saltiness of them, the crunchiness -- but I do go through lulls where I don`t eat them for a while and then there are other times where I have them all the time. I figured deli style would mean they`d be crunchy -- something like a Cape Cod potato chip. When I was a kid there used to be a local brand potato chips that was "Deli Style" and they were seriously the best chips EVER. These particular Lays don`t live up to being the best chips ever, but they are pretty good. They`re not as crunchy as I assumed they`d be -- they`re a little crunchier than regular Lays, slightly thicker too, but overall they still taste like Lays would. They`re a good side with a sandwich -- and on one day last week where I was in a late night carb-mode -- they`re also good with pizza.

Do you like Lays potato chips?

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