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Hey there gorgeous dolls! This is my very first review on my blog so I hope that you enjoy. I will reviewing three nail polishes from the brand, Layla! If you have tried any of their nail polishes please let me know in the comments! Id love to hear what you think and your experiences using Layla products! Ahead of time, thank you so much for reading!

Layla Softouch Effect Nail Polish (05): This nail polish is very glittery, so if you do not like glitter I would definitely stay away from this one! Hahaha! I will first start off with the packaging, I really like the shape of the bottle. The only negative thing I have to say about the packaging is the nail polish colors do not have names, they are numbers. That isnt a big downfall, but I love to read the cute little names companies come up with for names. I guess I am just a little weird that way! The polish itself I really like. The applicator isnt too bulky, which sometimes seems to be a problem because I have petite hands. I did have problems with that nail polish chipping just a day later. That was pretty disappointing considering it is $8.00 USD for a bottle of the polish.

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish (07 Ocean Rush): I have this polish in a light blue color and its supposed to give off a hologram effect. I am regrettably informing you that I didnt really notice a hologram effect until after about four coats of polish later and then by the time you have that many coats on, your polish chips just a few hours later. I really like the color other than the technical difficulties with the effect of the polish. Also, I really dislike the packaging because once again it seem to look cheap and the handle of the polish is very bulky which makes it difficult for me to apply the nail polish without getting all over the sides of my fingers.

Layla Magneffect Nail Polish (11 Silver Galaxy): This is a silver, glitter polish that when you hold the magnet (that comes with it) makes black lines onto the polish. I really like the color and the overall effect it gives to your nails. I hate to say, but once again packaging comes off very cheap and the handle is again bulky. Unlike the first polish, the handle is very cheaply made. I feel like if I grabbed it the wrong way that it would break. A plus of this product is that it had very good staying power I guess you could say. I believe that the polish stayed on for four to five days without chipping which I really liked.

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DISCLAIMER: Layla was nice enough to send me these three nail polishes for review. I am in no way getting paid for this review and all opinions are my own!

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