Layla Hologram Effect nail polish Review

5 years ago

Last week I got myself this nail polish by Layla

This is from the new collection Hologram Effect Nail Polish

the polish was pretty expansive, more than I normally spend for a nail polish
11 euro (and in the price they gave me a nail file) but still pretty over the price i normally pay for a nail polish

I felt less annoyed with the price cause in the end this polish is a bit special, so i didnt extremely mind to pay that much

I can easily say that Layla is the first ever brand (in Italy) which makes this Hologram effect nail polish
I have already seen similar polish coming from the US, but here in Italy i`m pretty sure Layla is the first to put on the market such a polish

The collection is made from 8 different shaded

I have got myself number 6 Mermaid Spell

to be completely honest I wasn`t too happy with this polish
basically the Hologram effect is visible only under a strong light
either sun shine or a very strong artificial light, without them the nail polish looks pretty boring
and cheap, also even Applying a good top coat the nail polish seems to fade after a couple of days

Would I buy more colours from this collection?

I`m not saying that I hate this product, I would love it though if the effect would be visible all the time

anyway, I`m happy that I got this product so at least I made my curiosity sleep :)

If I have to give a score from 1 to 5, I give it a 3

Mika xxx

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