Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish JADE GROOVE Swatch amp Review

Today I am so, so very excited to present swatches of another Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish. This time in 05 JADE GROOVE!

This polish literally steals the sunlight, beams it into some futuristic loading dock, little hob-goblins re-forge it, and then they shoot it back at you in prisms of lucid liquid rainbows. This is the stuff Lisa Frank stickers and trapper keeper binders dream of.

**I`ll try to summarize best I can, however the full review and many additional pictures can be found on (the included source code)**

Without any direct and bright light, holographic polishes turn into muted base colors (see above picture). Jade groove turns into a greyish, muted, flat silver.

All swatches used 5-6 thin coats of polish with no topcoat. BUT WAIT! Its not as bad as it sounds. Layla Hologram polishes are not like most lacquers.

They dry extremely quickly. Paint one nail after the other and when you reach the end you can already go back and make another round.

They are also extremely thin. 5-6 coats truly feels like one thin coat of a regular polish.

Where to snag for your collection?
While not a US based polish (Italy); fear not, fellow US residents! For I bring to you..the INTERNET!
I have seen venues such as Ebay and Amazon currently offering this polish. (my blog has additional retailer breakdown including Ulta details; much of this portion of this post is an excerpt from my experience last year when Layla was very obscure)

Can be purchased here:

Layla Cosmetics sells a two sided OEM Buffer along with the polishes. This buffer is intended to be used underneath and I have even seen many refer to it as required.

Side one of the buffer is to be used to buff away ridges. Side two of the buffer is used to shine your nail. I do not find the buffer to be necessary. For these swatches I did NOT use the buffer.

I am definitely going to stock up on this polish!
So much delicious rainbow-ness I never knew was possible!

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