Lavender Scented Stuffed Monkey

5 years ago

I loved stuffed animals since I was a kid, they`re warm and cuddly and smell like you...which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the kid! This is a Lavender Scented Stuffed Monkey my friend bought for $10 at Marshall`s and I just thought it was the cutest thing ever!

It is a microwavable aromatherapy stuffed animal, so you can put it in the microwave like a heating bag, and it will smell really nice. It`s good for soothing a child or keeping them warm during the cold weather. If you have a young child, I would not suggest sticking this in the microwave right in front of them, I know when I was a kid my stuffed animals were my friends and I thought of them as living things, even though I knew they weren`t. It`s hard to explain that feeling, but I`m sure most of us who grew up with stuffed animals remember it!

I would suggest putting it in the microwave when your child is preoccupied with something else, then give it to them and tell them the monkey warmed up for bedtime! Adds to the magic of childhood! It`s also a good way to get children with a more difficult temperament to adjust to a sleeping schedule. Most children in our family have an easy temperament, and it comes with the way Asian parents discipline their children, but I have worked with children that have a difficult temperament; we`ve all seen these kids, the ones that kick and scream in the middle of a grocery store! They aren`t bad kids, but to work with them, you want to always let them know what`s happening next, the reason they get so fussy and argue with you is because children with a difficult temperament don`t like being rushed or told what to do. So it`s better to do something like this, with the warm stuffed monkey, as a way of suggesting it`s time of bed, rather than telling them to go to bed. Eventually, they`ll associate the warm monkey with the idea that "It`s time for bed", and it`ll be less trouble for you trying to get them to go to bed. A method like this works for both girls and boys, and it doesn`t always have to be a stuffed animal.

But then again, you don`t have to buy this for a child, it`s something nice to have for adults too! To cuddle up with in front of the TV or with a book after a long day. The warmth makes your muscles a little less tense. So I would highly recommend this for children and adults of all ages! There are a lot of other choices for animals, so you can pick your favorite.

<strong>Do you have a fussy child and is it difficult for you to get them to go to bed? Have you tried a microwavable heating pad or one of these Cozy Hugs animals before?


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