Laura Geller`s Spackle Trio

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers !

I have been dying to try this Spackle Trio from Laura Geller! Gosh I wish I could :`(

Laura Geller is not available in France (yet? maybe some day... lol) and I just checked, they don`t ship international on their website (bummer) =/
Neither does QVC nor Sephora (the French branch, I know you guys sell it in the US but not here) nor Ulta!

So it is just impossible to order anything from France =/ I am sad about it but never mind, it is no big deal, I will survive lol ^^

Have you girls tried it?
I love the fact all the primers you need are compacted in one item, and I am really lloking for a good lip primer as well but I guess I am just going to buy one from MAC...

Please let me know if you have tried it and if you live in EU and found a way to get it (lol) please let me know as well ;)

Have a great one aveybody !

*Picture is not mine, please check the link below*

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