Laura Chenel`s Chevre Pure Goat Milk Cheese - Log

Did you know that I have a major weakness for cheeses? Did you also know that I`m lactose intolerant, so I often sacrifice the comfort of a healthy tummy just for an hour of cheesy, blissful, indulgence? For as long as I can remember, I have always been a cheese addict; my favorite cheeses of ALL time are goat cheeses! Unfortunately, most of the goat cheeses in our stores are unpasteurized, and as some of you know, pregnant ladies can`t be eating unpasteurized products.

Well, during Michael`s last grocery trip, he came home with a couple surprises for me - one being a Laura Chenel`s Chevre Pure Goat Milk Cheese Log! I about died right there in the kitchen! Every time I`m pregnant, the one thing I miss the most is eating goat cheese, so when he found a pasteurized goat cheese in our grocery store - it was like the cheese gods were hearing my cries.

As I was enjoying this cheese with some salami slices, I noticed the packaging says Laura Chenel`s Chevre is from Sonoma County, CA - how awesome is that?!
This cheese is so smooth and creamy, if you`re not a cheese enthusiast, I would explain this as dryer than your typical cream cheese texture; it simply melts in your mouth. Even Madilyn enjoyed this cheese, not like she has a hard time trying new foods - this girl is her father`s daughter, she loves all foods (except avocados, which we just found out she doesn`t care for - odd).
If you spot this in your local grocery store, I HIGHLY recommend trying it out - it`s too good to handle! Michael had to take it away from me for fear I`d eat the entire thing to myself!

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