Launch of 900 leaves Lumia Times Square in celebration

While on Friday night in Portugal participated in many Burial of the Lord, Nokia celebrating its own resurrection in the United States of America. The Lumia officially reached the land of Uncle Sam.

In partnership with singer Nicki Minaj, who used to promote his album, the Finnish manufacturer has organized a show of music and image that led to the mythical Plaza North American thousands of people. The arrival of the U.S. 900 Lumia, Lumia a modified version of the 800 European, was marked by another giant Nokia invested in promoting their latest smartphones with Windows Phone. Teams of dancers in the audience, a stage full of psychedelic lights and giant LED screens with projections in three dimensions preached the Finnish mark in the public mind:

A show of similar proportions had been done in London, also at the hands of Nokia to celebrate the arrival of 800 Lumia. November 28, 2011 was the date on which the DJ DeadMau5 gave one of their biggest concert before thousands of people on the banks of the River Thames. The background was a skyscraper of 121 meters that served as a screen for the projection of 4D animations, that the sound of electronic music, promoted smartphones saviors who promise to write a new prophecy in company history.
The Finnish company`s megalomaniac production are behind a strong economic investment that Nokia is willing to spend to promote the new crown jewels. Portugal was also the target of advertising Lumia of the mother but in a smaller scale. The goddess of times gone are telecommunications, but the partnership with Microsoft and use Windows Phone seems to have given a new soul to a company that seemed to torment. The next step, the release of Windows 8 and PC version of Apollo for smartphones, and its consequent integration may be critical to the success of Nokia and relaunch.

Until then expected to show new music and light as never before seen.

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