Latest Reads The Vampire Diaries, and The Vow

4 years ago

These are a couple of books that I finished last weekend which were pretty good so I figured I would share. The first book I finished reading was The Vampire Diaries The Return Nightfall.

The Return Nightfall, the book is about Elena comes back in the book as a Human, and the town suffers from something dark. A couple of demons come from Japan come to the town and destroy the people that live in the town. By destroying the town they place malach inside people it makes them do crazy things, one of the characters in book was given a malach and it the character was piercing themselves. The malach infect charaters throught the book, also Stefan leaves Elena in the book. Due to Damon making a deal with Demons from Japan. Bonnie almost dies as well if it wasnt for Damon saving her. If you watch the tv show the vampire diaries the books are much different but just as interesting.

the next book I read was The Vow its AMAZING True story. The story is about this guy who falls in love with a girl, they get married and etc. They get into a tragic car accident, and when the girl doesn`t remember her husband. The husband keeps his vow and takes care of his wife even though she doesn`t remember her. She never remembers their first wedding but she falls in love with her Husband all over again and marries him. Its a very long book around 200 pages. The Husbands faith in God and love for her wife makes the story magical. I read in one day that`s how good the books. They did make it to movie which I haven`t seen yet because I wanted to read the book first. The movie comes out Tuesday so Im going to buy then.

Have you read any of these books?

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