Late Target Haul

4 years ago

This haul is from two weekends ago. I`ve really been slacking with posting, ive been super busy and have kind of lost a little interest in Luuux as of recent but im trying to get back into the swing of things. Anywho, i went to target in search for some deodorant but of course had to pick up a few extras :)

*Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Deodorant-I`ve tried a million different deodorants but for some reason have no memory of ever using lady speed stick, so i figured i`d give it a try and see how it works-plus it smells nice and fresh.

*Eos "Tangerine" Lip Balm-I knew after seeing Micas post on the raspberry eos i wanted to get it. I couldnt find it anywhere but decided to give tangerine a try instead. It does smell nice but has a bit of a minty smell to it which im not too keen on, the Lemon scented one will probably always be my favorite.

*Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat Protects Nail Color From Chipping Peeling & Fading-I got this because i was running low on seche vite topcoat, has anyone experienced there SV getting really thick and goopy once you get towards the bottom of the bottle. Such a pain. Im hoping this topcoat will work for me.

*Taylor Swift RED Cd-It was boyfriend and I had split up and he called me and told me to meet him by electronics, so i walk over there and on the way found TS`s new CD and am a huge fan so i picked it up. So as we`re walking towards each other i noticed he had a copy of the cd in his hand too which was unplanned but we both giggled about it. Then i had to go to the bathroom and saw him talking to a male cashier and i guess he told the cashier, "This cd is for my girlfriend i swear (He was joking but everyone knows he loves taylor swift;)" and the cashier goes on to brag about how hes a huge fan of hers and even has a signed picture he bought off ebay LOL. Anyway i`ve been enjoying the cd!

I hope you enjoyed my haul and as always thanks for reading and happy friday!
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