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5 years ago

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LATE post! I`ve been meaning to make a post about this, but I`ve been busy. Anyway, I thought I share the Valentine`s gift my boyfriend sent me. It may not look like much, but it absolutely meant a lot to me. I know he really thought this through trying to figure out what to do for me. Since he lives 8 hours away, we weren`t able to spend Valentine`s Day together, but we webcammed which made up for it lol But here`s what he got me.
1) Big Black Gorilla Bear. Him and I have this inside joke about monkeys/gorillas. I don`t quite remember how it happened, but I call him my monkey. I guess it was because he loves to mess around and he`s always all over the place who loves to have fun. This was the first gift I saw when I received my package. I LOVE it! It made me laugh and it`s super soft!
2) Two Different Valentine`s Day Cards. I didn`t quite understand why he bought me two cards at first, but he then told me after I read both of them. One of the card was a funny, jokey card and the other was more of a serious i love you card. He said because that`s how our relationship is--we love to be spontaneous and have fun, yet we are serious. I thought that was pretty sweet ^^ The `serious` card had a deep letter inside of it about his feelings toward me. Oh, butterflies! :D
3) Russell Stover`s Pecan Delights Chocolate. Here is a separate post about it! /viz/russell-stovers-pecan-delights(; But it was delish!
4) A Triple Photo Frame of us. Honestly, this is the first time I`ve seen a guy do something like this. HAHA I`m speechless! He actually printed on gloss photo paper my favorite picture of him and he printed one of his favorite picture of me. He put an image of a cross in the center, representing Christ in the middle of our relationship. I thought this was superrrrrrrr cute! Here are the words on the image in the middle: I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have, I always will, We`ve been the perfect couple from the very start, but the love we`ve found is God`s gift to our hearts. I love you forever and forever. Yum, I love this man <3
5) His favorite shirt. We agreed we would send each other our favorite piece of clothing to each other and I asked for his Mushroom shirt. I just think it`s such a cool shirt lol It is pretty big on me, looks like a dress so I just wear at home and to sleep. So funny because he misses his shirt (; I love how different and original my boyfriend is. He made a heart origami! HAHAHAHA *^^* He had to YouTube it learn how to make it. The things he does and says just shows me how much he loves me. I`m blessed to have him in my life :D Funny thing is, I found out his original plan for Valentine`s Day for me, and he didn`t want to do it anymore and decided to do this for me instead lol Oppsies!

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