Late Night Snacking

4 years ago

Aah, the pleasures of eating junk food when you feel like crap, eh? I`ve just plowed through a quarter of a tub of Carte D`or Chocolate Inspiration ice cream, and it felt gooooood! Probably get shouted at for it sometime tomorrow, but who cares?! Live for the moment!

I`ve had quite a crappy day today, my readers don`t know this, but I joined a course called The Prince`s Trust which helps those stuck on what to do to get a job and what not, and you work as a team with 16 other people. It`s great at times, but my team has a real bitching problem. Most of the people roll in around 10am-12am when they`re supposed to be in at 9am. Yeah, me and the others who come in on time do get very annoyed, because the ones that roll in late usually bitch about those who come in late every once in a while, which really makes me question what goes on in their heads.

Today my friend Lauren and I, who is also on The Prince`s Trust, went out job searching since we were supposed to. But we lost track of time, and doing very well, so we were a little late coming back (We were supposed to be back by 1pm, but rolled in at around about 1:30pm - how criminal!) and the others had been bitching about us. I don`t know what about (But I had a feeling it was about us being late, and how bad we are - hypocrisy!), since I couldn`t be bothered to start an arguement, but their childish-ness is astonishing. They hope to be treated like adults, and respected like adults, when they act like children.

Like yesterday, our Team Leader asked them to do a challenge to build up their team working skills. Their task was to elevate one person from the floor using six balloons, one extra balloon that hadn`t been blown up, and sellotape, and they kicked off about it and how childish it was! When 5 minutes before, they themselves were playing with them, drawing on them, hitting each other and throwing them around. They were also being very nasty to our Team Leader, who had to leave the room otherwise she might have snapped. They have absolutely no respect for her, but are all buddy-buddy when she buys them food and ice-cream. They are disrespectful, self-centred, narcissistic assholes and they do not deserve to be on this course.

But at least I managed to give out many CV`s to hotels, a theatre and a boutique. :D
We went to this 5-star B&B, rung on the doorbell and this man came to the door. He looked at us and said "What is it?" So I replied "Do you have any job vacancies?" He looked at me and just outrightly said "No!" And slammed the door in our faces! We were like, "Rude! 5-star hotel, my foot!" Bad service I`d say. We found it hilarious though, but luckily across the road was another B&B, and the man that came to the door was this cute, short, bald camp man. We just wanted to hug him! <3 He was sooooo nice.

On our way around the hotels we were fantasising about this guy on our course called Callum. He`s half Jamaican, tall and nicely toned. Me and my friend looooove black men, and glasses, and he told us that he used to be a child model. So we imagined him modelling, wearing just Calvin Klein underwear and glasses.. -Drool-
It went a bit like this... (In a crappy illustration featured above...)

We`re real perverts sometimes... >.>

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