Late Night Dinner: BBQ Pork Chow Mein

5 years ago

The other day I went to a Chinese restaurant/cafe that`s close to my apartment. They have a pretty big lunch/dinner specials so my friends and I decided to order off of that. I had a HUGE craving for chow mein and saw that they had a couple of different ones to chose from. I decided on the BBQ pork chow mein.

We were served soup first. They had egg drop and hot and sour, the 2 most un-Asian soups out there haha. I went with the egg drop. It was actually pretty tasty which was kind of surprising since I`m not the biggest egg drop soup person. The chow mein came about 10 minutes after we ordered. It came with a huge pile of chow mein and a scoop of white rice. That kind of threw me off since I wasn`t expecting rice with my noodles. Overlooking that, the noodles were really oily but very tasty. My friend told me to mix the noodles and the rice together so it wouldn`t be so oily. It tasted kind of weird so I didn`t mix all of it. The chow mein had some veggies and pork mixed in but not very much. I was only able to finish about half of the chow mein and brought the rest back with me.

It ended up costing me about $6 which isn`t too bad for so much food. It definitely fulfilled my chow mein craving and filled me up to continue "studying" for finals. I`m probably not going to get it again anytime soon since it was extremely oily. Are you a fan of chow mein? What did you guys have for lunch today?

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