(Late) Huge Victoria`s Secret and Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!
So I`ve been meaning to post this a while ago, but then I lost my camera and all sorts of things like that, so I decided to post it now, because it`s better late than never, right?

At Victoria`s Secret, I got:
-Incredible Daring Body Mist: I absolutely love this scent, this was 50% off, and I really wish I got the perfume because the mist is actually a lot stronger than the perfume, but it`s still great!
-Beauty Rush Blush in Flutter: It looks kinda bright in the pan, but it`s actually a gorgeous kind of pink shimmery color that is very silky and pigmented, and also flattering on all skin tones.

Now at Bath and Body Works, I went all out and got...:
-White Citrus Wallflowers: I love this scent, it`s very refreshing and clean and light and citrusy, it`s amazing!
-Drenched Apple Flower Scentportables: It`s light and floraly with a cool crisp scent of the apple, I really like it!
-A loofah: It`s blue with a purple and white handle. Self-explanatory.:)
-2 Liplicious Glosses in Juiced Yumberry and Pink Lemonade: I absolutely LOVE pink lemonade, it`s the most sugariest, sweetest gloss I have ever smelled or tasted in my life, I will definetly be purchasing more. And juiced yumberry is just a nice, fun fruit punch-gum scent.
-Wild Apple Daffodil Mini Lotion: I really wished they had the full sized version at my Bath and Body Works, but they were all sold out:( So I went for the mini, and I really like this it`s very cool and crisp with a hint of sweetness.
-White Citrus Shower Gel: Exactly what I said in the wallflowers, it`s amazing.
-Coconut Lime Breeze Shower Gel: It has a nice mellow, citrusy lime scent with a hint of carribean-y coconut, with a somewhat dark tone to it. I can`t really explain it, but it`s a great scent.
-Bali Mango Body Lotion: The BEST tropical mango scent ever. It`s very fruity and again, tropical-y and it`s perfect for summer!
-Rio Rumberry Body Lotion: Again, it`s very tropicaly with a citrusy scent, but it has a splash of rum, as in the name, and I think of the spa when I smell this.
-Mango Mandarin Body Lotion: They brought this back up, yay! It`s another nice fruity mango scent, but has like some sort of leaf-y smell, I think it would be great as a shower gel, maybe but again, they were all out of the shower gels.
-Summer Vanillas Berry Body Lotion: This is the only scent from the Summer Vanillas line that doesn`t reek of vanilla! Don`t get me wrong, I love vanilla, but all of them are way too overpowering with it and this is the only one which is perfectly balanced with the berry and the vanilla, it`s a nice cozy scent with a splash of fruityness!
-Secret Wonderland Body Mist: I actually might return this, it`s a little too heavy for me and I don`t like musky scents like this.
-Sweet Pea Body Mist: Everyone probably knows what this is so I`m not going to go into detail with it, but it`s just a nice spring-y scent.
-Coconut Pineapple Body Mist: This was the thing I was most excited about, I was so happy they had it! It`s the most amazing carribean-y scent ever, it`s very coconut-y with juicy pineapple, I absolutely love this.
-Secret Wonderland Bubble Bath: Now I don`t like the body mist, but I absolutely love the bubble bath! It`s a little more toned down and it`s an amazing scent that I think would be great for like the wintertime, but also great for summer as well:)
-Twilight Woods For Men Shower Gels: I picked 2 up as presents, for my dad and my boyfriend just to surprise them a little bit. I actually really love this smell as well, it`s very close to Korres`s Shower Gel in Guava, but has a more `manly` scent and the korres one is obviously for women haha.

So that`s it for my huge haul, sorry I wrote so much I just love giving my little thoughts of each one:)
~More posts coming up soon~

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