Late DinnerOTD: McDonalds!

4 years ago

I`ve been really slow on blogging on Luuux lately, but today I`m going to share with you guys my last night`s dinner! I haven`t eaten McDonald`s in a really really long time! I`ve been trying to steer away from fried and oily greasy foods, but since it`s my last few days here, I`m going to enjoy everything while I can. First I ordered some chicken nuggets, I forgot how many pieces, but it came with the sweet and sour sauce. I love their sweet and sour sauce, I used to love their BBQ one but this turned me into a believer of sweet and sour sauce XD. Then I got some fries, even the fries taste good with the sweet and sour sauce! Then I got a chocolate sundae! I really like their ice cream for some reason, but the chocolate syrup makes it so sweet, I don`t like putting nuts on mine so I only eat the ice cream with the syrup. I think next time I should just get a big cone! XD The syrup is just too sweet. Great for once in awhile cravings though. :P What did you have for dinner last night? :D

**Photo is mine!!**

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