Late Dinner - McDonalds

4 years ago

Because my boyfriend and I ate lunch so late yesterday and we ate All You can Eat Sushi, we were hungry when it was about 9 pm so we took a late dinner at McDonalds, plus we wanted to play Monopoly =P

So we ended up ordering two Quarter Pounder meals. I haven`t had a good quarter pounder in so long, I`ve been slowly rotating around their meals, from McNuggets to Big Macs, yet Quarter Pounders are still my favorite item =)

The one thing I don`t like is them using too much cheese. One slice of Processed Cheese was enough, two was overkill, so I asked them to remove one of the slices. It was a lot better =) We also had to get large fries because medium fries didn`t come with Monopoly game pieces. There was way too much food >< I could only finish 1/2 my burger and 1/4 of my fries. The boyfriend ended up clearing everything for me.

The best part was, we got a very quiet seat that was secluded. We went to one of the newly renovated McCafes and we got a round seat in front of a fireplace. So warm and cozy, perfect since the weather outside was cold and rainy.

What do you guys think of our dinner?

*photos are mine, please don`t use*


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