Late Christmas Presents - Tarzan

5 years ago

This is a post part of my late Christmas presents series since I wasn`t able to do this sooner what with me being busy and all.

So over the break I rewatched Tarzan and I have to say, this is my all time favorite Disney movie. Up until a couple weeks ago I could not say what my favorite Disney movie was. My friends all have their favorites, Lion King, Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch...well now I have mine. TARZAN!

Seriously Tarzan has everything. It focuses on family which is always really heartwarming and still has a love story between Tarzan and Jane. Come on, family and love. Thats already a huge plus in comparison to a lot of the Disney classics which is all love (not that there`s anything wrong with that but I`ll get into why thats not for me). Now I`m not saying I don`t like the Disney movies that are all princessy and lovey and whatnot but for me, a really good movie has some character development and growth. Tarzan grows up not knowing his own kind and when he finds them, he grows and learns. It`s something I feel a good amount of the princess movies lack.

Now you`re wondering why Lion King isn`t up there then because for sure, Simba goes through a lot of character development and it still has love and everything. Lion King would be up there if I wasn`t so attached to Mufasa. I know it`s silly but I loved Mufasa too much so when he died I was seriously like Dx T.T Q.Q. [Spoiler alert!] In Tarzan you still get the same thing but it`s not overwhelming because Kerchak isn`t developed into the fatherly role that Mufasa was. And this movie has just the right balance of sad and humor. Love the humor in this movie. It`s great. And can`t forget...

THE FREAKIN SOUNDTRACK! Phil Collins is such a freakin genius and is so amazing. Tarzan hands down has one of the best soundtracks of all Disney movies. All the songs fit so perfectly with the movie. It`s not a musical style like the other Disney movies but omg...the songs. They`re just so good. I`m pretty sure that Tarzan is the only movie where I have all the songs in the movie. OMg it`s just so good....(alright I`m good. Done being a fangirl)

But I absolutely love this movie so as a Christmas present to myself I bought it. It was only like....$6 anyways so it`s not like it hurt my wallet in any way.

So what is your favorite Disney movie?

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