Late Breakfast: Turkey Sandwich and Loaded Potato Cheese Soup

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Yes, you guessed it! My boyfriend took me to IHOP again for breakfast/lunch. LOL What can we say? Its pretty close to both our houses and its inexpensive plus the food is pretty decent. Since it was around 11AM, I definitely really feel like eating breakfast since I am not much of a breakfast person and my first meal of the day is usually lunch. If I had to choose between breakfast and lunch for my first meal, 90% of the time, it will be lunch that I would be choosing. For today, I was feeling lunch food so I decided to order from the lunch section of their menu. My boyfriend, of course is a different story and you will see what he ordered soon. Usually whenever I go to IHOP for lunch, I tend to order the same thing, which is the Loaded Potato Cheese Soup. I think this is my fourth or fifth time eating this. Its pretty good. If you haven`t tried it yet, definitely give it a try because it is delicious! It is definitely one of my favorite soups of all time! My boyfriend was actually going to order this but he wanted some typical breakfast food so he was indecisive on what to order. I told him that I wanted the soup and that we could share if he wanted to and he was delighted. LOL He loves the soup as much as I do and whenever we order it, we always share. I also ordered a sandwich because I wasn`t sure if I was going to be full by eating the soup alone plus I knew that my boyfriend was going to sneak some bites. I decided to get the Turkey sandwich. It was just a regular turkey sandwich. It came with two slices of bread, cheese, two slices of turkey breast, lettuce and a slice of pickle on the side. Lets just say that I was very disappointed with this sandwich. It was so freaking dry and tasteless. They didn`t even add any mayo or toast the bread. Plus the cheese wasn`t even melted. IDK how people can even eat cheese in a sandwich when its all cold and stiff. I would rather prefer it melted in a sandwich. Also for my drink, I ordered the Strawberry Splash. It was alright. I think its just strawberry syrup mixed with lemonade juice. Its pretty simple on how they make it. I have seen them do it before and its just MinuteMaid Lemonade Juice mixed with strawberry syrup with some strawberries thrown in. So that is all that I ordered for my late breakfast. Even though the sandwich was dry and not what I would have liked, the soup was delicious and always! I really do reccomend getting the soup, if you are ever at IHOP for lunch. It is really good, especially if you like eating cheese. My boyfriend isn`t that big of fan of cheese but he loves eating this soup so that says a lot of how good the soup is.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever been to IHOP before? Have you ever tried a soup similar to this? Do you like eating plain turkey sandwiches? ==================================================================
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