Last Night`s Dinner:Chili with Curried Rice And Veggies

Hello Food Fans
Last night I felt like cooking but I only had one hour so I did something quick and simple. This meal takes 45 minutes to one hour to make
First, I browned my meat with a little black pepper..NO SALT....never put salt directly on your meat....this should be about 5 minutes..
Second, in a clean skillet, sauté veggies...use onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and your favorite for personal touch. Do this for 3 minutes then add your meat and canned tomatoes. Seasoned to taste. I use cayenne pepper, seasoning Salt, black pepper and garlic powder...add two spoonful of tomato paste to thicken the sauce...
While the meat is simmering, I put my rice to cook with cold water...Never put rice in boiling water....always wash it in cold water and put it on already in the water.. This should take 10-15 minutes because you only want the rice to be tender because you will then transfer to a skillet. In the skillet you should have the veggies you want in your rice, such as peppers, sweet corn,garlic...NO TOMATOES..they make the rice mushy. Sauté veggies with curry for 5 minutes then add rice and simmer on low heat.
You want you food to be hot when you serve it so this is why we do it in this order. Now put your sweet corn on the cob in boiling water. And your mixed veggies should be done in a skillet with one inch of water and a pinch of salt...Do not stir, just simmer. The trick is when the water has evaporated the salt with become a bit sweet and so will your can add butter if you like.
Now go back to the beginning and check your should be ready, then 5 minutes after your other dishes will simultaneously be ready
Bon appetite
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