Last Night`s Dinner: Chicken Piccata Over A Bed Of Pasta!

5 years ago

Chicken Piccata is one of my all time favorite dishes. My mom usually makes it homemade but her friend told her about this frozen Chicken Piccata from BJ`s a few months back. We`ve already tried this dish after she told us and loved it! We have gotten it a few times already. It`s already made and all you have to do is pop it in the oven. It`s really simple and delicious!

You can get this meal in the frozen section of BJ`s (Costco might have it too, but we`ve never looked there). It comes in a big box and there are two trays of the chicken piccata. The trays are each a good size but my family always makes both and we have a good amount left over in the end, although you can split it up into two seperate meals depending on how many people your feeding.

As always, this dish came out so good. The chicken is seasoned perfectly and is tender and moist. We`ve eaten it plain before without any pasta underneath but last night we decided to add a bed of pasta. The pasta we used is Ronzoni`s regular "Thin Spaghetti". We`ve also had it with Angel Hair pasta before which also was very good. If your a member of BJ`s, i`d definitely get a box of this chicken piccata. It always comes out amazing and isn`t too expensive.

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