Last night dinner!

4 years ago

Yesterday night we didn`t have anything to eat for dinner. I decided to dig in the fridge and whipped up something! I don`t cook often, but when I have nothing to eat. Its not an option!

I found eggs, tomatoes, green onions, cheese and rice. I`ve cooked this a few times and it`s not bad. Seems like my kind of omelette eh? I scrambled my eggs together instead of the taco shaped. Lol.

After I mentioned you guys the ingredients I used. Do you find that disgusting eh? It`s not that bad actually! I cooked it with Olive oil and used a few things in my eggs. Every time I cook eggs I always add fish sauce and black pepper to get that perfect taste.

How to make this simple dish:
1. Chopped the tomatoes & green onions.
2. Crack the eggs into the small bowl.
3. Add Black pepper and fish sauce.
4. Use a fork to stir everything together.
5. Pour the Olive oil into the pan, set it on low.
6. Pour the eggs, let it sit for a few sec.
7. Pour the tomatoes, green onions.
8. Sprinkle shredded cheese. You can use the regular hamburger size cheese too! Just cut into small pieces. It will melt eventually!
9. Use a spoon and start folding your eggs.
10. Finally pour everything out next to your rice.

Easy steps right? The list seems long, but trust me it`s a simple dish! I made this up so yeah! My own recipe? Haha!

1. Would you like to try this out?
2. Do you enjoy eating eggs?

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