Laser Tag for iPhone.. TAKE MY MONEY

5 years ago

<strong>I played Laser Tag as a kid, and it was AMAZING.</strong>

So, this is an app, WITH A BLASTER, that allows you to play first-person shooter laser tag on your smartphone (not just iPhones). The object of the game, obviously, is to shoot your teammates all the while trying to avoid being shot at yourself. But, unlike when you were a kid, the smartphone will keep count for you, so there will be no argument in the end when deciding who won.

<strong>TAKE MY MONEY!</STRONG> I would love this. It`s definitely something my boyfriend and I would run around the house playing. We`re losers like that. Heck, we already shoot each other with Nerf guns, this will just help us keep count better. lol.

<strong>Would you want this? Are you just as immature as I am?</strong>
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