Lasagna And Bread Rolls!

5 years ago

A few weeks ago I went to a party hosted by my cousin and she is an amazing cook! There was so much food at the party that I couldn`t even eat it all. I wanted to save room for her dessert which is like the best thing on earth. I sampled many main dishes and the one that I enjoyed the most was her lasagna and home baked bread rolls.. (yup, homemade!)

The lasagna my cousin made featured lots and lots of cheese! I love dairy so much! (it`s my favorite food group along with fruits! Who doesn`t love strawberries and ice cream?) I`m pretty sure she used moz. cheese in it and underneath all that gooey mess was lost of vegetables. (But I promise, the veges tasted really good!) I loved the lasagna so much, I would have eaten more , but there were so much food that I needed to save room.

The bread that she made was simply delicious as well. It tasted similar to those that you would find in a chinese bakery. She actually told me how to make the bread. The secret to creating it was using cake mix!! She used 3:1 ratio of cake mix to regular flour. I couldn`t believe it, but it must be true since the bread was kinda sweet like cake. I am so impressed with her skills!

Have you ever had any of this food before?
What do you think of the bread recipe?

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