Las Vegas, Nevada

5 years ago

This past spring, I went to Las Vegas for a couple of days. It was my first time going there, and I loved it!

I stayed at The Excalibur (third photo), a medieval-themed hotel on the Strip. We didn`t spend too much time there, as we were out exploring the other hotels and sights. :) I would have liked to go see the jousting tournament that goes on there, but we just didn`t have the time to, unfortunately.

I absolutely loved the Strip...the buildings look as though they are rising up out of the desert as you come towards them from the south. And they look so beautiful and statuesque at night! We went to several of the hotels on the strip, including the Luxor, the Imperial Palace, New York New York (which is in the fourth photo), Treasure Island, and a few others. Some hotels have a shuttle or passageway between them, so you can hop from hotel to hotel with relative ease. :) I didn`t do much gambling in the hotel casinos, though I did play the slots a little bit. I won a bit of money at first, but then lost it all, lol. My uncle won $5 or so, but gave it to a homeless man outside one of the hotels. So, none of us got rich during our visit! :P

Sadly, we didn`t go to any of the buffets, though we did have some pretty decent food. Nothing too memorable...except for the $1 margaritas, maybe! XD I will have to go to a buffet the next time I visit.

One thing that I really, really loved about Vegas was the desert - it`s soooo beautiful! Coming from a place that is wet and rainy most of the year, I really enjoyed the desert landscape. My favourite photo is the second one in this set. It`s of a hill with some shrubbery on it at sundown. I know it seems boring to some people, but I really enjoy that kind of natural scenery. ^^

I really enjoyed my trip to Vegas, though it was too short, in my opinion! I can`t wait till I get to go again!

<strong>Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If not, would you like to go one day?</strong>

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