Laniege Water Sleeping Pack EX

4 years ago

/viz/weekend-pack-giveaway I have never used a sleeping pack before but have read a lot about them. As it is nearing winter here in Australia my skin is getting a little drier I decided to try using a sleeping pack. A popular one is by Laneige which I bought from my local korean boutique for about AU$30. Basically a sleeping pack from what I have gathered from reading a lot of blogs and reviews, is that it is not really an essential step to ones skincare. Rather just an `extra` for those who want or need that extra moisture etc. After all your normal skincare routine is finished at night time, you apply the sleeping pack which is like a light gel. It is absorbed into the skin really quickly and does not leave any sticky film or residue. Go to sleep as usual and wash off in the morning. It really isn`t that much more hassle since you would wash your face normally once you wake up no? I did notice a bit of a difference after washing my face in the morning. My skin felt more plump and hydrated and I am happy with the results and will continue using. I have been using it around twice a week kind of alternating with using sheet masks. Another positive is that it smells reaaaally good. very relaxing. For those who are interested and would liek to read more about what is in the product and how to use please check out the source link below which will link you to the official product website. This is just my experience with the product so I hope if you are unsure to read other peoples reviews before deciding whether or not you want to try it or not. Almost forgot to mention that it comes with a cute little spatula which is great since it keeps everything hygenic ^^ no need to double dip! ***Photos are my own and taken by me***

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