Lancome LAbsulu Nu 303 Rose Caresse Review

5 years ago

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Lancome LAbsulu Nu 303 Rose Caresse
So this is my first high end department store purchase. And I have to say, I looove this lipstick! Its $35, which is really expensive, but what helped justified my purchase was the fact that it came with a gift bag: eyeshadow quad, blush, lipstick, mascara and and some Renergie Lift Volumetry facial and eye cream. I made a post about my free gift bag earlier.

I love it! Nothing bad can be said about it. Since its rather high end, its not the typical snap and shut like most lipsticks. It has 4 magnets at the bottom and under the lid that snap shut. Super fancy! It has a nice weight not too heavy, but not too light either. I love the design and logo imprints also.

The formula is great, it feels amazing on the lips. Not heavy, can hardly notice it. Its more of a balm/gloss I think. The lightest shade of lipstick I own. Its very moisturizing, and even though it has sparkles, theyre so fine, that you cant feel them on your lips. No grind or anything, which is a huge plus.
The one fault of the product, is the fact that its rather soft. I bought it during the warmer days, and when I started using it, the lipstick bent into the plastic holder. Not that bad, but bad enough to leave a small dent. Its not like Im applying really hard either. Does anyone else have the same product? My metallic red rose free lipstick did the same thing, but not as bad. When the weather cooled, the stick stopped moving. This one still is flimsy.

Aside from that, I love the product so much! The free lipstick it came with, is also very nice. Though too metallic and red for me to wear for an everyday look.
Overall, I would definitely repurchase. The price is rather steep so I would only buy again during the free gift promotions. $35 is a lot of one single lipstick! That being said, I use it rather sparingly since its so expensive. I doubt I will use it up for a very long while.

Do any of you own Lancome lipsticks? Thoughts?

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