Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover review!

4 years ago

I usually don`t get into buying a lot of high end products simply because it bugs me to spend so much money on a single product that could be spend towards much more important things! But, alas, I have found one product worth paying for, that I will definitely repurchase again! And that doesn`t happen very often, so listen up! Lancome`s Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is IN THE HOUSE!

The one thing that makes this stuff so amazing is that it just feels magical! Like some supernatural spirit comes up to my eyes and magically erases all of my eye makeup away! I swear this stuff works with a single swipe over the eye. Eyeliner? Gone. Mascara? Gone. Waterproof, 493 hour eye makeup? You guessed it-- gone.

It`s fantastic! I`ve never used a product that has worked as well as this! In terms of face makeup remover, I like to use my Garnier Refreshing Remover wipes. They are from the drugstore, which is where most of my cosmetic products come from-- except for this! No drugstore makeup remover that I`ve used has worked as fast and easily as my Lancome one.

The bottle is quite small but lasts a LOOOONG time. Don`t feel bad for the amount of product you get-- once you try it you`ll see. It lasts me months and months!

I`ve gotta say, the next time you find yourself near the Lancome counter in whatever department store you`re in, try this out! You`ll be amazed! I was.

Just a quick review for you all! I promise I`ll be back with more frequent ones after this next week... summer camp takes up so much of my day!

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Thanks for reading, beauties! Picture is mine, so please look into your hearts and don`t use it without my permission. :)

Happy shopping!

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