Lance Armstrong banned for life and stripped of all titles :(

4 years ago

He may have beat cancer but Lance Armstrong finally called it quits in his struggle with the USADA on Thursday night.

The USADA has for years accused Lance Armstrong of blood doping; the use of steroids, performance enhancing drugs like EPO,blood transfusions etc.

Even though he has for years maintained his innocence and has earned himself seven Tour de France titles, he gave up and refused to go into arbitration with the USADA.

In doing so, the USADA assumes a guilty verdict and he is stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles and banned for life from any sport at an elite level from Friday morning :(

Even the Olympic is now investigating his bronze medal win!

This is such a sad day in the history of sports. Lance is a legend,a hero...I don`t think he did it. But these people are really out to get him!

There was a Federal case against Armstrong and even the Government dropped it, he passed all his drug testing since the 90`s and obviously he did otherwise he would not have been allowed to enter these events. I pretty much doubt the French would bend the rules for an American right?

What do you think? I`m just shocked and sad right now.

This is the man who had a 50% chance to live and ended up winning the Tour de France 1999 title!

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