Lana Del Rey SNL Spoof - SNL Makes FunampDefends Their Guests

5 years ago

Lana Del Rey was recently on SNL to performe some of her new songs and it was her first appearance/performance on a tv show, at least one as big as SNL and the first impression was not good with most people.
She was critizised especially on her performance that people said was awkard and that lead to other types of rumors and critics that don`t matter tbh.
There were SNL hosts that stood by her and her performance and they showed that even more with this spoof they did on her.
Kristen Wiig inpersnated Lana Del Rey and answer to what people most critized her about in a very funny way. Even though a spoof is usually to make fun of someone, i actually think this was their way of showing support. I mean, they do make a bit of fun of her manerisms and the way she talks but the answers Kristin/Lana gives are perfect and funny answers to what people have been saying about her.

I really liked the spoof and i think it was well made, not over the top funny but decent and a good way to defend her previous guest.

<strong>What do you think of the spoof? Did you watched Lana Del Rey SNL performance? What did you thought of it ?</strong>

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