Lana Del Rey: Born to Die

I have heard so much about this album (and artisit) but tonight was the first time I bothered to look up the music. May I just say:


Lana del Rey, though not my favorite artist, has achieved something huge- originiality. Her voice is very cool and unique. That alone is enough for me to want to buy that album (which I fully intend to do).

A Little History:
So, once I heard this majesty, I immediately looked up Mrs. Del Rey to find out more. Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Del Rey became a viral video sucess when she posted the music video for her song "Video Games". I posted the link below and I completely recommend you check it out. The entire thing was directed and edited by her and it looks very good for a one-(wo)man job. I`m not a huge fan of how she`s so pouty in the video but apparently she didn`t like it either. In a interview, Del Rey explained that she had no idea how popular the video would be and that she would have put a lot more effort into it if she have known about it`s future audience.

So overall, unless I find something terrible or Del Rey does something incredibly stupid, I think she just gained herself a follower. What do you guys think? For those of you who have listened to her music, what do you think of her (very distintic) style? Since she is soo different, I can see how some may not like her, but I`m definitally a fan. Thoughts? :)

Video Games:

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