Lamp can last 20 years

The new bulbs of great energy savings were presented at an international trade show in Las Vegas. A savings and so much! The light enters the market consumes only 10 watts. Launched in the United States, the price fixed on the shelves of the market will be $ 22. Nick Holonyak, inventor of the new LED, said at a conference in London that soon, the lamp will go on sale in several countries. In an interview with The Huffington Post website, the researcher said that his invention is the path to all forms of lighting in the future, including taillights car. Philips said in a statement that each 60-watt incandescent bulb in the United States were replaced by new 10-watt bulb, the country would save 35 terawatt hours of electricity. The number is so large that it would amount to nearly $ 8 billion in savings per year, while preventing the emission of 20 million tons of carbon. A study by The Energy Savings Trust, UK, showed that the product can be used to perfection in the areas of housing, such as stairs and hallways. The results show great potential, especially in settings requiring 24 hours of light per day. While the bulbs save energy and are very durable, they generate a lot of heat, but Jake Dyson, industrial designer, created a system that helps to cool the LED.

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