Lamanie`s Good Bye

4 years ago

Dear Friends and Fellow Luuux Members, This is my letter number 2. Once upon a yesterday, on a very stormy night, I typed letter number 1 and right before I was about to finish, the power zapped my computer and I lost everything that I typed so I`m back to square one. Could this get any worst? No, not even losing my unsaved letter isn`t nearly as bad as what Luuux pulled on us yesterday. I am upset and beyond dismayed that this change occurred. I`ve been an active member of Luuux for the past couple of years and the first time they did a price increase, I nearly died because I was so close to reaching my goal and it took me another year to get enough points to redeem it for the Canon T3i. I was fortunate enough to receive it right before the Luuux shop went down. Had I not gotten it before that, I think I would probably go hang myself. I`m sure there are many of you who weren`t so lucky and I`m sorry you had to go through it. Please don`t hang yourself. With the new Luuux price inflation, there is no freaking way I can earn enough points within a reasonable amount of time to redeem for something I actually like. I`m better off buying my own shit, oops I mean my own crap. If you`ve been following me for a while, you can tell that I spend a considerable amount of time to produce quality pictures and original contents. The only way I`m going to earn points faster is if I spam the daylights out of Luuux, but I won`t because I don`t have time for that either. There`s enough people doing that already and the price inflation is either going to make people quit or drive people to spam even more in order to get somewhere. Nonetheless, it`s discouraging if you do the math and it will take you years before you save up enough points to get something decent, by then Luuux would probably slap you again with another price increase or worst, one day you try to get on and the webpage doesn`t exist anymore. Yes, I wouldn`t be surprised if that happened. During my stay, I`ve come to know some wonderful people here and I really enjoyed how engaging and interacting people were, not to mention also very nice and supporting. I regret to say this but I decided that I will be leaving Luuux alone indefinitely. I`m not closing my account just yet but I am no longer motivated to blog here anymore. I love the Luuux community but I really hate how this site runs now. There is no integrity, no security, and no fairness. All our contributions are taken for granted and I feel that Luuux has cheated, scammed, and deceived each and everyone of us by leaving us in the dark and let us hang by a string of hope that perhaps one day, it will get better. Well until that one day comes, I will continue blogging and posting as usual on my blogs and other social network, just not here. If you would like to stay in touch with me and my posts, please bookmark or follow me on either one of these places. Luuux is not the only networking site out there...just saying, lol.

Please let me know how else I can stay in touch with you. Otherwise, I`ll just peak at your Luuux account every now and then. :) Good bye and good luck to all of those who decide to stay. It was a pleasure to have known you and read your posts. Special thanks to my friends and followers for all your support. XOXO

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