Lale Beauty: I did an Asian products haul again! Korean skin

I went all crazy and ordered some Korean skin care products today.

I think I`m falling in love with Asian products. After my first and last Asian product haul in November, I feel that Asian products have a lot to offer. I also feel that it`s more suitable for my skin type than American or European brands. Which makes sense, Turks are originally Central Asian!

I decided to shop Korean products because of affordability. Japanese products for example, are known for their high quality, but they`re also pretty expensive. Korean cosmetic industry has been fast on the rise and is competing quite well with Japanese. They have a lot of fun, innovative, high quality products that are also affordable.

I shopped two Korean brands- Etude House and Skinfood. What struck me first about both is the gorgeous, cute packaging. This stuff really makes you feel like a girl!

It`ll be several weeks until my haul arrives, but here`s what I ordered as a heads up. I hope they all work out for me, I`m so excited! I can`t wait to receive them!

By the way, I did a huge amount of research before my haul. It took me like 4 evenings! I must have read through about 30 or so reviews!

The first thing I needed to learn before shopping for Asian skin care was the definition of some basic terms- mainly the difference between essence, serum and emulsion.

Essence: another name for a serum, a specialized treatment for individual concerns, concentrated form of nutrients that penetrates deep into the skin
Serum: a clear,silky, liquid like essence that`s easily absorbed into the skin
Emulsion: a light, runny lotion recommended for morning use and oily skin, can replace creams in a skin care regimen for oily skin

SKINFOOD Lettuce Cucumber Jelly Essence
I paid: $10.99

First of all, SKINFOOD has product lines for specific skin types. You can look into it in detail on their website. I`m sure it is recommended that you find your skin type and use all of the products in that line in the proper order. But that has never worked for me. There is always a product or two in any skin care line that doesn`t work for my skin. So I decided to use my logic and pick out products based on my skin needs and past experiences. We`ll only know if this plan works when the products arrive and I try all of them for several weeks.

I don`t know if this product is discontinued because I couldn`t locate it on the site. ( I bought everything from a Korean seller on Ebay).


A moisturizing essence gel containing lettuce and cucumber extracts rich in moisture, minerals, and vitamins. Its cool texture absorbs gradually to relieve skin irritation and provide prolonged moisture to skin. After toner, apply essence gently and cover face with hands, for deep absorption.

Since essence and serum are practically the same, I could have skipped this one or the Fresh Juice C serum I also ordered. But I read several reviews for this product and people claimed to love it. So I went ahead and bought it.

SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Cream
I paid: $10.99

This is from their line for acne, sensitive skin.


This lightweight, soft cream for troubled skin contains parsley and mandarin extracts to effectively control skin problems, keeping skin healthy. It also contains dandelion and lily complex extracts for soothing effect. It absorbs quickly without shine, and provides prolonged moisturization to rough and dehydrated skin. After emulsion, apply desired amount onto face, gently spreading to absorb.

Emulsions and essences are great, but I will need some good moisturization for night time.So I didn`t want to skip out on a cream suitable for oily, acne prone skin.

SKINFOOD Fresh Juice C Serum
I paid: $14.89

This is from their blemished, dull skin line. Don`t confuse it with the E serum, that`s for wrinkles, C serum is for blemishes.


This skin-brightening essence contains fruit complex extracts with vitamin C and nano-processed vitamin C derivatives to revitalize skin. It also contains arbutin to keep skin looking radiant and vibrant. After toner, apply gently onto face and cover face with palms, for deep absorption. For whitening skin care: toner C serum emulsion C cream

I don`t really care for whitening but I have blemishes from old acne spots that refuse to go away. Not to mention, a little scratch mark that my cat did while playing. I`m hoping this serum helps.

SKINFOOD Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 in #2 Natural Beige
I paid: $7.99

A pore-refining BB cream that regulates sebum secretion while creating a flawless and matte complexion without feeling greasy.

My Shills Super Magic BB is halfway through. BB cream is one of those products that you try for the first time and completely become hooked. I couldn`t risk being without BB cream so it was time to get a back-up. There was mixed reviews about this product. It`s reported to have medium coverage and medium mattifying effects. It seemed like the good reviews outweighed the neutral ones. And it`s very affordable and said to smell divine.

SKINFOOD Sweet Potato Hydro Cushion Pact SPF 25 in #21
I paid: $14.99

A moist, creamy, and velvety-smooth powder pact with UV protection containing sweet potato and milk extracts. Apply desired amount lightly onto face using puff.

I wanted a compact BB/foundation type pressed powder that I can carry with me in my purse. I dislike carrying foundation with me. I don`t feel comfortable applying liquid or loose powder foundations in public. I just need something to touch up. This seemed like the perfect product because it`s said to be moist. My main problem with pressed powders is that they can be too dry for my skin, emphasizing any rough patches or flaking I have going on. I hope this pact lives up to my expectations. The other reason I chose this particular one is because it has a little tray that separates the puff from the powder. I think this will be better for hygiene and product won`t absorb into the puff while I`m not using it.

ETUDE HOUSE LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge in #5 and #8
I paid: $9.47 each

These colors looked so gorgeous, couldn`t resist!

ETUDE HOUSE Super Aqua Sun Guard SPF 35
I paid: $10.99

This might not be the ideal sunproof cream. But summer is coming up and I need some sun protection that won`t cause me to break out. This is oil-free so I think my skin will be okay with it. It would be better if it had more SPF but 35 is not bad either and it`s a pretty good size.

ETUDE HOUSE Skin Malgem Smoother
I paid: $13.99


[mal:gem] - The Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgem hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pore complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas. Etude House Skin [mal:gem] Smoother: Exfoliation toner which contained fruits ingredients (lemon, orange, sugar maple, sugar cane, grapefruit) makes clear and soft skin.Without : Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil, Animal material. Dispense solution onto cotton pad and use pad to wipe all areas of face and neck.

This is a fairly new release from ETUDE HOUSE and there are not many reviews on it. The reason I bought it is because of one reviewer who said that it cleared up these small bumps on her face. I have two of these on my cheeks. I`m not talking about milia (the super tiny white bumps under the eye). This is something different, larger than milia, slightly raised and same color as my skin. I can`t for the life of me figure out what it is or how to get rid of it. Probably requires a visit to the dermatologist. Meanwhile, I`m going to give this toner a shot and hope it works. By the way, there are several other versions of this out there for different purposes.

I really wish these stores were available globally. Apparently, the physical stores have lots of sales and give feebies/samples. The prices are also said to be half of what it is overseas. That would be so nice!

But since it`s not possible, will have to order them online. I purchased from Ebay, but there are also online shops many buy from. Sasa and Gmarket come to mind immediately.

Stop by later because I will post pics when my package arrives and will definitely do reviews over the course of several months.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my haul :)

Have you tried any Asian products?

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