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Do you gals watch Gossip Girl?

I know it`s been around for a long time but I only started watching it one month ago. I watch the new episodes on Cnbc-e and old episodes every morning on e2. I love it!

My favorite character is Blair Waldorf, whose real name is Leighton Meester. Even though I think she flutters her lashes way too much and she can`t seem to walk in high heels! I watch her going around like a duck each episode.

I think I like her because she`s vain! Until recently, I`ve always disliked vain people in real life and I am by no means vain. But because I`m so caring about others and too little about myself, to the extent of appearing to have low-self esteem and no confidence (maybe that`s true), I`ve always admired women and girls who are absorbed with themselves and don`t feel sorry for it. I think deep down that`s how I want to be. Independent, confident and not giving a sh*t about what others think of me! I probably started this blog in this quest.

I`ve realized that adoring yourself, is ALWAYS better than criticizing yourself. Even if that means being a little vain in the process.

And I`ve started appreciating those who are vain but are so kind to themselves. Like the Blair Waldorf character (no idea how Leighton is in real life) and Kareena Kapoor (on screen and off! lol). Not to mention that guys dig such women. Where have I gotten putting the one I`m with always before myself? Appreciation? No. Love? No. Respect? No. I`m done with that! Now and forever, it`s the time for ME!

So stop caring constantly about others and what they think and more about yourself and how you feel about yourself which should be love only!

Oh and tell me if you like Gossip girl :)

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