Laksa noodles :)

5 years ago

For dinner, my mom made some laksa because we couldn`t think of anything else to eat. If you don`t know what laksa is, it popular spicy noodle soup from Peranakan culture which is basically a fusion of chinese and Malaysian flavours. This laksa actually came from a package, i know i know don`t judge mee >_< but it was decently good. I need to learn how to make it but yea. Normally it is really spicy, but my dad can`t eat too spicy so it was only mild :(. I like it spicy! Whooo!!

Anyways, i ate it with some chinese slippery noodles. If i tell you the direct translation from cantonese, i think you wouldn`t wanna eat it after you lost your appetite but i`m still going to tell you LOL. Its called "peeing noodles". Don`t ask me why, but yea thats the direct translation. I also had some bean curd, fresh shrimp and some Asian vegetable.

Overall I like laksa and i should eat it more often. This one has a coconut taste with little bits of dried shrimp, so yummy :D.

Have you tried laksa before? Do you like it?

*All pictures are mine*

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