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A while back @LadyBugHolder had tweeted asking if there were any bloggers interested in reviewing their product. I checked out their product through the link on their Twitter profile, and figured this could be a really interesting product to try out. I have not seen anything like this, nor have I realized how needed a product like this is.

Here`s all the information they provide on this product:

Say goodbye to nail polish spills and difficult DIY nail polish application. The Lady Bug Nail Polish Holder is all you need. Its so simple, and it really works, you will say to yourself, why didnt someone think of this sooner?!

The LadyBug is a brand new US Patented invention to help eliminate annoying and sometimes damaging nail polish spills. It wobbles and rocks but it wont tip over. And when the bottle of nail polish inside starts to run low, the LadyBug can be tipped at an angle and will stay put, making it easier to wet the paintbrush.

Product Features
- Eliminate annoying and destructive nail polish spills
- The LadyBug can be tipped at an angle (and stay there) when polish runs low
- Versatile design holds nail polish bottles of any size and shape
- Made with high-strength, durable plastic that is designed to withstand a fall
- The base is made of the same slip-resistant plastic used for handheld electronics

Product Description
Insert your nail polish bottle into the foam of the LadyBug & start painting-it`s that easy! It`ll rock & wobble but it won`t tip over. When your polish runs low simply tilt the LadyBug onto one of its non-slip pads. The innovative US PATENTED design allows you to get more polish on your brush and continue painting...all while using one hand! Rocks without spilling!

$7.95 / 6.6 oz

When the LadyBug Nail Polish Holder arrived, it turned out to be much smaller than I expected, which is perfect. I had expected some clunky contraption, but to my surprise it`s compact and easy to store. From what I can tell, it only comes in red (hence the LadyBug name). Underneath the product are three black rubber circles; the two outside circles are flat so you can tilt the LadyBug to either side, and the center circle is slightly rounded so it will never completely fall over. Yes, I even sat here nudging it from every direction trying to knock it over. Unless you are an aggressive nail painter, I doubt you`ll ever hit it hard enough to spill your polish, that`s impressive!

My favorite quality of the LadyBug is the foam center, you can fit large bottles, slender bottles, and mini bottles in this and it will still hold on tight. For fuller bottles, keep the LadyBug centered and it`ll hold on to your bottle securely the entire time you are dipping your brush and wiping off excessive polish from the wand. For emptier bottles, tilt the LadyBug so you can angle your brush in the bottle and get the polish out. You might think you don`t need help tilting your bottle of polish, but having it already tilted and secure, means you are able to paint quicker and are less likely to knock your freshly painted nails on the bottle and ruin your manicure (can you tell I`ve done this mny times? LOL).

I had BF take some action photos of me using the LadyBug. The polish I`m using is Zoya Kristen, it`s a full bottle, but I prefer the comfort of having my LadyBug tilted since I normally tilt my bottles when applying.

Overall, I think this is a genius product! Of course, at first I thought I didn`t need this, but after using it on my last 3 manicures, it`s so convenient that I cannot imagine painting my nails without it.

CLICK HERE for the manicure seen in the photos:

*Product(s) were received for trial/review; these are my honest opinions

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