Lady Gaga Does Yoga In Heels

5 years ago

Lady Gaga seems to be a yoga fan and got a lot into yoga, especially bikram yoga, which is a form of yoga where temperatures in the room are very high and you sweat a lot.

Lady Gaga seems to do it in heels, which doesn`t seem to comfortable and it does seem crazy, but then again, its Lady Gaga.
She and more celebrities are a lot into yoga and even though a lot of people pass on yoga because sometimes it doesn`t give the same calorie burn as other types of exercises, yoga is very good for you and it can help you with other exercises and your routine.
Yoga improves flexibility and allows you to relax and have a quiet moment with yourself while you stretch. Its is also good to deal and prevent future injuries and it will help with future exercises because you will be able to perform them better because are more flexible.

Yoga does require proper form like a lot of other exercises and also proper gear, so i don`t think Lady Gaga is giving the proper example here with the high heels but it was probably a picture just for fun.
Go ahead and don`t be afraid to try yoga, you can even find workouts online.

<strong>What do you think of Lady Gaga doing yoga in heels?
Have you ever done yoga? Do you like it?</strong>

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