Lady gaga copies the koreans?!

5 years ago

BEFORE I start this entry and have millions of gaga fans attack me you should know that I have no preferance. I do not hate gaga though I am not much of a fan either. *

Ever since Lady Gaga debuted in 2008 there have been craxy internet debates over gaga`s image and fashion. Gaga fans insist that she is "original" and "unique." As korean & other aisna supporters insist that gaga copies off of the koreans. It has been giant talk for years since. You can`t watch a korean video on youtube without at least one comment about lady gaga and how the Koreans are copying her style.

Now before you go flipping out consider this. Where do you currently live? Living in a certain country makes most people oblivious to other countries. Most people do not look up korean culture and style everyday of their lives. Most actually assume that when they see things similar to that in the US that the koreans are copying off of us. It`s basically a biased opinion based on no evidence.

I am a fan of many genres of music. I do love korean music because it is original and doesn`t contain constant sexual themes that had steered me from america`s music. (not all but a hefty sum!) Now asia has the reputation for being the "strange" and "weird` capital of the world since the 1980s. A lot of things from Asia have been brought over here and expanded.

As a human we all have our own references and idols. Lady Gaga herself has admitted she has been influenced by madonna and other artists. Which is completely normal. As human we develop our own styles from years of experience and seeing others. Calling one person a copier is calling yourself a copier.

Gaga`s Style the "retro space" fashion that earned her unique label had been seen in korean the same year and earlier. By groups like 2ne1, 4minute, brown eyes girls, and more. This strange new fashion had no origin really. Although yes, asia has been responsible for some crazy fashions. Japan is the fashion haul. Responsible for harajuku, gyaru, gothic lolitas, lolitas, ganguro. To say that one person came up with such a fashion is going too far. Though being an avid listener of asian music since I was 9 I can say that it`s obvious gaga has taken inspiration from asia. It`s also clear that others have too. Nicki Minaj is a perfect candidate. Next time you type in a japanese music video from many years back you will realize that she mimics the facial expressions, cutesy fashion, voices, and even the makeup. Not to say "Nicki minaj isn`t original!" She just has taken inspiration from another country. I would feel honored not angered.

I`m aggrivated at the fact that crazed gaga fans have to attack things they do not know. The videos I have posted are prime examples of americans knowing nothing about that country and attacking it when they don`t understand the other country first.
Hyori lee (first music video) was scrutinized for her blonde wigs, alien fashion, and abnormal scenery. We could say "Oh it seems she may have been inspired by lady gaga." which is fine. But to pull the "omg. she is copying gaga!" when you don`t even know the first thing about hyori lee is aggrivating. If you really wanted to pull the "Lady gaga came out first" bit you will be sad to know that hyori lee has been in the business longer. She debuted with fin.kl back in the 90s.

2ne1: has developed retro fashion from their debut in 2008-2009 has a totally different sound from gaga alltogether. They may resemble the fashions she wears but things like that are the norm in korea. Not unique. They have been greatly celebrated for years now and always at the top of the charts They have gained millions of american fans everyday.

The conclusion is that. Before you say something stupid that will begin to aggrivate people think to yourself. Am I being biased because I live in this country? Do I know anything about this asian artist?

Just something I witness everyday that I felt needed to be addressed.

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